Fleet often volunteers to help build Habitat homes.

Deeply Experienced and Trustworthy

166 Baltusrol Rd, Franklin, TN, 37069, 901-550-0832, fleet.abston@fleetbuilding.com

Veteran Chief Financial Officer and Realtor, Fleet Abston, formed Fleet Building & Contracting after a long career of managing large-scale construction and development projects for others.

Being a consumer of construction services and experiencing the building process from the client's perspective, Fleet recognized the need for a quality-driven contractor who offered total transparency and unquestionable integrity. As part of this commitment, Fleet developed and operates his company using the "BEST" building method (see icon below right).

​Fleet Building & Contracting has become well-known for its BEST approach:

  • Build with exceptional Quality
  • Execute on-time and under budget
  • Serve our customers with integrity and transparency
  • Tackle building challenges with client-centeredness, ingenuity and cooperation